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Our Flagship Program

Map/System Building Software
Use our powerful Mapping Software to systemise your business.
Map/System Template Library
Unsure how to build your business? Piggy back on hundreds of other successful businesses templates.
Become a Map Author
Build Public Wiki maps and generate residual income.
Start an Online School
Build a network by having an online school, and generate residual income.
Project Management Software
Similar to basecamp, but simpler and better.
Become a Course Author
Get recognised as a niche expert and get paid for your services.
Join our Forum
Share your ideas, discuss topics and get feedback..
Authentic Community
Join the world’s most open and honest business community and have fun.

Our flagship program will provide you with valuable education, help you to systemise your business and free up your time. As a result, you will be able to create residual income on the side and build a legacy .

Online Webinars
Join our helpful webinars or watch the replays at a time convenient you.
Global Transformation Map
Instantly connect with other UYE community members in your area.
Personal Training Facilitator
Get your own personal training facilitator to accompany you on the journey.
Course Marketplace
Get Full Access to our ever growing database of Mapped Video Courses.
Online Classrooms
Create your own classes & Track your students’ progress.

Build Your Life (and Business) By Design

By learning how to systemise and build your life by design YOU get to find your passion and follow your destiny.. Not sure how? Tap into our Map Library where you can piggy back on the hundreds of automated systems our entrepreneurs are already using and implement them in your business.

Become Empowered and Generate Residual Income Streams to Free Up Your Time & Live Your Dreams

Through our step by step system, learn everything you need to know from our community of successful, New Rich Entrepreneurs. Systematically build all your businesses and never go around in circles again. Start and finish projects and become fulfilled in life (however that might look like to you).

Join the Global Movement to Make a Difference

Once we have helped you to break free from the demands of your job or business and you have accomplished the things you want in life. Then you may be like us and feel empowered to make a difference in an area important to you. Be it the the environment, world hunger, human rights, educating the uneducated or even helping your local community.

We are in the process of setting up businesses that actually have a profound impact on peoples lives and improves our planet for future generations.

Joining this Online Education Company is by invitation only.
If you would like to Join Please ask the person who told you about UYE for an invitation